Whimsy Do began in 2012 when founder/designer Rebecca Sigl was looking for a creative outlet for her hands and mind between plays (Rebecca is also an actor). An evening of impulsive crafting sparked the idea that would lead to an entirely exciting new endeavor. With the scraps left over from a newly made flower crown, Rebecca fashioned a miniature crown which she realized was just the right size to fit around a bun. The Bun Beltâ„¢ was born. Why shouldn’t a hair bun have as much whimsy as long flowing locks? A simple bun becomes a beautiful thing when you dress it up in feathers and flowers. Put some fun around your bun!


Whimsy Do has expanded to sell flower crowns, headbands, clips, barrettes, along with the idea that started it all, the Bun Beltâ„¢. We have shipped whimsical hair accessories to over 20 different countries around the world. We have been featured on Glamour.com and this October will be found in New York City at the Wed/Altered bridal pop-up. Whimsy Dos will suit any need, bridal or casual, because there truly is never a wrong time to wear flowers in your hair.

Right now all items are for sale on the Whimsy Do Etsy Shop. We will soon be expanding to various boutiques around Southern California. Stay tuned for a little Whimsy Do near you.


“In Childhood’s unsuspicious hours, the Fairies crown’d my head with flowers. Youth came: I lay at Beauty’s feet; She smil’d and said my song was sweet.” – William James Linton-